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Monday - Friday
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Minimum 6 lunches


Hommous ½ pt - $4.00 1 pt - $7.95 Baba Ghannouj ½ pt - $4.90 1 pt - $9.95
Chickpeas mashed with lemon juice, tahini (sesame seed paste) and garlic Roasted eggplant with lemon juice, tahini and garlic

Tabouleh ½ pt - $5.90 1 pt - $10.50   Tarama Salata ½ pt - $4.90 1 pt - $10.50
Bulghur mixed with fresh, chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, scallions, lemon juice and olive oil   A spread made with Tarama (Russian style carp role caviar), olive oil, lemon juice and onions

Clam Dip ½ pt - $4.90      
Low fat cream cheese and minced clams are the base for this popular dip    

Lebanese Potato Salad ½ pt - $3.25 1 pt - $6.25   Cohar's Bean Salad ½ pt - $3.75 1 pt - $7.25
Freshly cooked potatoes with scallions, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic   Red and white kidney beans, seasoned with rice vinegar, olive oils, garlic and lemon juice

Black Beans/Brown Rice ½ pt - $3.75 1 pt - $7.25   Bowtie Pasta Salad ½ pt - $3.50
Get your complete protein in this nonfat combination   A few drops of sesame seed oil, ginger and rice vinegar make a delicate seasoning for this salad

Couscous ½ pt - $3.75 1 pt - $7.25   Bulghur & Tuna Salad ½ pt - $4.90 1 pt - $9.75
Couscous, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, scallions & tomatoes with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic   Bulghur wheat, tuna, Spanish onions, parsley, with a splash of olive oil and rice vinegar

Garbanzo Bean Salad ½ pt - $3.75   Fruit Salad ½ pt - $3.25
Fresh asparagus makes this a special treat    

Calamata Olives ½ pt - $5.50 1 pt - $10.00   Feta Cheese ½ pt - $5.50 1 pt - $10.00
Chicken Salads ½ pt - $7.69 1 pt - $14.45   Tuna Salad ½ pt - $6.50 1 pt - $12.00


Greek Salad Large - $8.50 Small - $6.00   Caesar's Salad Large - $6.99 Small - $5.50
Romaine, mint, scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, Feta cheese and Calamata Olives tossed with our homemade dressing   Fresh Romaine tossed with Caesar's dressing and pita chips (anchovies are optional)

Fatoosh Large - $8.50 Small - $6.00   Combination Plate $10.50
Small garden salad with pita chips and our house dressing (Lebanese)   A generous serving of tabouleh, hommous, baba ghannouj, Feta cheese and Calamata olives

All Plates (Chicken, Tuna, Turkey) $8.50      

Low or No Fat

All Pocket Sandwiches $8.50

Chicken Salad     Chicken Raisin Salad  
Freshly cooked chicken breasts and cholesterol-free mayonnaise garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts   Freshly cooked breast of chicken, celery, golden raisins and cholesterol-free mayonnaise garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts

Chicken Broccoli Salad     Chicken Yogurt Salad  
Freshly cooked breast of chicken, crisp steamed broccoli, cholesterol-free mayonnaise house dressing, wine and Worcestershire sauce   Freshly cooked chicken breasts, celery, scallions, dill, and poppy seeds mixed with no-fat yogurt, garnished with lettuce tomatoes and sprouts

Chicken & Sun-Dried Plums     Curried Chicken  
Freshly cooked chicken breasts, sun-dried plums, celery & scallions mixed with nonfat yogurt, garnished with lettuce tomatoes and sprouts   Our fresh chicken, apples, golden raisins, and celery mixed with nonfat yogurt

Chicken Club     Tuna Salad  
White chicken pieces, turkey bacon, tomatoes, Romaine and honey dijon dressing   Tongol line caught tuna (packed in spring water) blended with celery and cholesterol-free mayonnaise

Italian Veggie     Baked Kibbee  
The freshest of Romaine, Provolone cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers with oregano dressing and parmesan cheese   Two layers of lean ground beef, ground lamb and bulghur with a filling of sautéed onions, pine nuts, and ground beef placed in a pocket with sliced tomatoes and cucumber sauce

Veggie & Salsa     Hommous & Veggie  
Romaine , sliced cukes, and tomatoes with our own tomato salsa (fat free)   Romaine, sliced tomatoes, & Cukes on a bed of hommous

Avocado Salad     Smoked Turkey & Cheese  
Sliced avocados with radishes, celery and scallions, lemon juice and olive oil - served with layer of hommous, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts   Always a hit! Served with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts

Turkey Burger     Tabouleh Pocket  
Ground turkey seasoned to bring out the delicate turkey flavor   Generous serving of tabouleh on a bed of hommous

Baba/Cucumber/Feta     Greek Salad Pocket  
A Baba ghannouj with cukes and Feta makes for a tasty pita sandwich   A Greek-style salad with added zest Feta cheese and Calamata olives

Turkey and Cranberry     Cous Cous Salad  
Freshly roasted turkey breast served with a homemade spicy cranberry sauce and lettuce. A year round favorite!   A combination of couscous, garbanzo beans, parsley, cukes, tomatoes, and scallions, seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, and coriander

Bean Burrito     Bulghur & Tuna  
Refried beans mixture served with shredded cheese, lettuce and salsa   High quality tuna mixed with bulghur, lemon juice and olive oil

Lentil Burrito     Meat Burrito  
Lentils cooked with zucchini, bell peppers, taco sauce, and cumin served in a pita with shredded cheese, salsa, and nonfat yogurt   Refried beans and beef served with shredded cheese, lettuce and salsa

Veggie Chili     Veggie Reuben  
Zucchini, carrots, onions, tomatoes and kidney beans seasoned with cumin and chili powder, served in a pita with light cheese and Romaine   Provolone cheese, sauerkraut, tomatoes and spicy horseradish with mustard sauce

BLT     Black Bean & Brown Rice  
Slices of crisp turkey bacon, sliced tomatoes, Romaine lettuce and light mayo   Black beans and brown rice salad on a bead of romaine with salsa and nonfat yogurt

Flavorful chickpea patty served with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, hommous and/or cuke sauce.    

Pita Chips small - $1.25 large - $3.25   Pita Bread side - $1.00 pkg - $3.25


Zesty Meat $3.25   Spinach $3.25
Fresh lamb, beef, tomato & onion seasoned with a dash of cayenne & cinnamon   Fresh chopped spinach and onions marinated in lemon juice and olive oil

Tomato / Onion/ Cheese $3.25      
Chopped tomato and onion mixed with Parmesan cheese, marinated in garlic and olive oil      




Lebanese $.95   Pita Dog $3.25
Freshly ground lamb, rice, and seasonings   Turkey frank with garnishes of choice

Greek $.85   Peanut Butter & Banana $3.25
Herbed rice and seasonings